Improvements in drop-down sporting guns

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Felix Delu
  • Publication Date: December 09, 1932
  • Publication Number: GB-384679-A


384,679. Drop-down guns. DELU, F., 12, Rue Cesar Franck, Liege, Belgium.- (Assignee of Delu, E. ; 6, Corso Torino, Novara, Italy.) June 9, 1931, No. 17916/32. Convention date, Feb. 27, 1931. Divided on 380,441. [Class 119.] A safety device for double-barrel drop-down sporting guns having each sear made in one piece with its trigger, comprises spring-controlled members 10, 10a housed in the locking-bolt 9 which project above the trigger extensions 3g when the tumblers are cocked and the breech is closed and locked. The members 10, 10a are removed from the path of the extensions 3g by pressing forward the safety button 11b which acts on the members through the part 11 of a rod 11a. The bolt 9, moved rearwards by a projection on the top-lever axis pin 14, acts to return the button 11b to the safety position when the gun is unlocked.




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