Apparatus for separating liquids or solids from liquids


1,048,253. Gravity-separation apparatus. SMITH FULLERTON Ltd. June 28, 1963 [July 7, 1962], No. 26128/62. Heading B1D. Mixture introduced at 19 deposits some solids in compartment 8; the remaining mixture flows over a baffle 3 at 6 into an open-ended box 1 having sets of fins 16, 18, extending the full width of the tank 2. Some solids collect between fins 16 and rear wall 15 whilst lighter solids collect between the undersides of fins 18 and wall 17. The process is repeated in compartments 10 and 11. Liquid is removed at 20 by pump 21. The boxes, which rest by lugs 13 on the baffles, may be removed for cleaning. A foam restraining baffle 26 may be provided. A collapsible bag may be provided on the floor of compartment 8 for collection and removal of heavy particles. Liquid/liquid mixtures may be separated similarly.




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