Manufacture of laminates

  • Inventors: BEERY DALE MAX
  • Assignees: Boeing Co
  • Publication Date: December 01, 1965
  • Publication Number: GB-1011744-A


1,011,744. Laminates and laminating. BOEING CO. April 30, 1962, No. 16462/62. Heading B5N. Laminates comprising thermoplastic material, such as P.V.C., cellulose acetate-butyrate or polythene, sandwiched between layers of " bleeder " material, are made by hot pressing under vacuum which removes trapped air and gaseous decomposition products through the bleeder material, at least one layer of bleeder material being fused to the thermoplastic layer as a component of the product. As shown, Fig. 1, a vacuum press of the flexible membrane type comprising a base 10 and a membrane 12 encloses an assembly comprising coarse cloth 14, a porous aluminium plate 16 made by flame spraying the metal, a layer F of P.V.C., a decorative porous layer C of unwoven fibres, paper, or a composite layer of cloth and decorative foil, film or scattered fibres, a P.V.C. layer B, a parting film 18 of polyvinyl alcohol, and a layer 20 of coarse cloth. The base 10 comprises hollow conduits for heating, e.g. by steam, and cooling. The assembly is vacuum compressed by the membrane and is heated in two stages and finally rapidly cooled. During the operation vapours &c. are removed via the layers 14, 16 and 20, the parting layer 18 which wrinkles under heat and pressure, and the layer C which projects beyond the other layers to prevent clogging with P.V.C. and which forms part of the product. Layer F is preferably transparent and may carry decoration in the form of printing on its inner face; it is patterned by layer 16. Layer B may be opaque, e.g. white. Alternatively the assembly FCB may be inverted and the layer 18 replaced by nylon gauze which becomes fused into layer F, this layer also being patterned by the cloth layer 20. Apparatus for carrying out the invention is described herein and is claimed in Specifications 1,011,745 and 1,011,746. Lightweight wall structures may be formed by providing the products of the invention with honeycomb backings.




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